Single Ended eXperimenter’s Kit 2.1 for Headphones & Sensitive Speakers


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The S.E.X. 2.1 Kit will run any dynamic headphones – even AKG K1000s & Audeze LCD-2s – to great effect. The updated S.E.X. Kit has the following improvements:

The big update is that the output iron is the same OT-2 as used in the Stereomour. With this bigger and more sophisticated iron one should experience much better bass performance than the old Specos gave. The output transformers are connected as transformers rather than autoformers and they can be wired for 4,8,16 or 32 ohms . . . (see ‘more’)

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The S.E.X. Kit is available for 120V AC mains or 240V AC mains. We usually ship with a 120VAC transformer. If you need a 240VAC transformer be sure to check the box above for a 240V transformer when you order.

Your pre-order will be charged the day the kit is ordered. We do this to allow cash in advance payment to our vendors to keep the price you pay as low as possible. DIY audio is a very focused esoteric market. We are a small staff with a large passion, attempting to offer the broadest range of kits possible to those interested in this exclusive pursuit of ultra high quality audio reproduction, Thus each kit is manufactured and packed to order, and the production and packaging schedule is influenced by demand. Please understand that our shipment can take up to 3 to 6 weeks when demand is high. You may check how shipping is progressing for a kit by looking here.

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Dimensions 12 x 10 x 6 in


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