Starting today Friday, March 24th the Crack headphone amp kit with the Speedball upgrade combination will be on sale for $429 ($35 off the regular combo price of $464). This sale is limited to 40 kits. Due to ever increasing costs the price for this combo will be increasing to $484 once these 40 combo kits are sold.

The long awaited precision rotary switches used in Mainline, Bee2Quiet, MourQuiet and TwoQuiet have arrived from the manufacturer. Orders for these kits are now shipping.

BeePre2 output upgrade kit is now available. This kit goes in after you install the Bee2Quiet upgrade. It adds a sense of increased bandwidth and dynamics along with low impedance balanced XLR outputs.

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Bottlehead has a new YouTube channel. It is a repository for lots of tips and tricks to help you build your kit. We have just launched a new series by Doc B., The Doctor Is In, that shows some in depth tips and tricks for selected aspects of the build process. The first episode is about assembling the wood base that comes with your kit, and some simple ideas for finishing it. The second covers painting your chassis and the third has tips for mounting the various pieces of hardware to your chassis. FLASH – we now have the long awaited fourth video on soldering up on our channel!


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