Our Guarantee

Our guarantee covers replacement of any parts that are damaged or missing in shipment, or which fail within the first year of operation.

Since we have no control over the assembly, we cannot guarantee the performance of a completed kit. If you have an issue with your newly completed kit, the first thing to do is return to the manual and compare your work with the photos. If it doesn’t look like the picture you should work to make it look like the picture. Excess leads hanging out of terminals and long looping bare leads where they should be short can create shorts that can break the gear. Carefully inspect each and every solder joint visually for a good coating of solder on all the leads and the proper fillet. If they are questionable, reheat the joints to reflow the solder. Make sure all of the electrolytic capacitors, rectifier diodes and LEDs are oriented properly. This will eliminate 99% of the potential problems.

If you are still having trouble the next thing to do is post your problem on the Bottlehead Forum, including in your post the resistance and voltage readings that do not match up with those in the manual. The forum is constantly monitored by hundreds of fellow Bottleheads and a lot of them have years of experience to offer. Most often a solution will be offered the same day you post, often within hours.

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