Otari MX-5050/BII/BIII Tape Path Modification Kit

Back by popular demand!
Following in the footsteps of our Technic RS series tape path modification kit is this kit for the Otari MX-5050 series of tape decks. Like the Technics mods this kit this was developed from mods we were doing in house. This kit of parts will allow you to modify the tape path components yourself, for a more clean and solid sound that takes the MX-5050BII-2 and BIII closer in performance the the big studio decks.
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The kit consists of the parts necessary to convert the fixed tape guides on the tension arms and the post next to the pinch roller to ball bearing guides. The original fixed guides on the tenion arms are replaced with an adjustable guide composed of stainless screws and nuts, ball bearings, precision ground spacers and ceramic edge guides. The post next to the pinch roller is replaced with metal spacers, ball bearings and precision washers as well.


The sonic result is quicker and snappier dynamics and improved resolution with a little sweeter treble. Your MX-5050 will have a bit more of those qualities that make the big studio mastering decks so desirable.


The kit also includes a spring scale to assist you in setting proper brake tension and some lubricant for the pinch roller shims. The kit should fit virtually any version of the Otari MX-5050, from the original MX-5050 through BII and BIII models. Please note that installation of this kit requires adjustment of the newly installed guides for proper tape alignment, and it may also require an adjustment of head alignment. We strongly suggest getting a service manual for this deck before you install this upgrade.




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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in

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