Speedball 1.1 Upgrade for Crack Amplifier


What yields an even more intense experience than Crack? The most hardcore users say it’s a Speedball. Speedball is our Camille Cascode Constant Current Source upgrade for the Crack headphone amplifier. The 22.1KΩ plate loads of the 12AU7 input triodes are replaced by C4S loads, as are the 3KΩ cathode load resistors of the 6080 triodes. The PC board for the loads on the 6080 tube has very ample heat sinks to assure high reliability. The same Speedball 1.1 kit is an upgrade for Crack 1.1 and the original Crack.

If you are buying this upgrade at the same time as your Crack 1.1, please select it from “Upgrade Options” menu on the Crack 1.1 page. Do not order it from this page.

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