Smash-up Upgrade for Smash DHT Preamp


This kit is now included with the standard Smash preamp kit. In the stock configuration of the Smash, priority was given to having complete regulation of both the filament supply and the high voltage supply. Accordingly, a balance was struck between grid bias, plate current, and load resistance to achieve good distortion performance with adequate gain and a useful amount of output.

With the Smash-up upgrade, high voltage regulation is taken over by our hybrid shunt regulator technology, fed by a C4S constant current sources and a 6SN7 dual triode. This is the same shunt regulator technology found in our premium products: BeePre, Paramount, and Mainline. Unlike the single 0D3 in the stock Smash, the Smash-up dedicates one shunt regulator to each channel for enhanced noise performance and channel separation.

In addition, by adding a C4S load to the 4P1L’s themselves, we are able to increase the gain, lower the distortion, and bump up the bias on the tube to allow it to accept more source voltage and provide more drive voltage from the preamp.

We feel that this kit is such a great upgrade to the stock Smash kit that we now include it in the standard Smash preamp kit. If you have an early Smash without the Smashup you can buy this kit to upgrade it to the current performance level. We are offering the upgrade at a special price of $99 through the end of April 2016.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in

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