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Output power is about 600mW. Input impedance is 25Kohms minimum. Gain is around 12dB into 32 ohm headphones at the low impedance output setting. We have used the amp with everything from low impedance Grados to high impedance Sennheisers and even power hungry Audeze phones. They all sound great.

“Superbly capable, grown up refined sound, resolving, musical, oodles of finesse and a delicacy of finer musical nuances”

“The Mainline’s treble presentation is the best I’ve heard as yet in my headphone journey…Hearing the Mainline has redefined my expectation of midrange presentation from an amplifier. There’s no thickness or creaminess to the midrange sounds, just a solidity and presence that’s beguiling and magical…the bass is excellent – full, punchy, and quick with great impact, incredibly realistic weight, and just the right speed of decay.”

“I built the Bottlehead Mainline yesterday, and I haven’t stopped listening to it since. It really is a tremendous amp. Ridiculous amounts of detail, tight deep bass, smooth highs. I’m pairing it with my Sennheiser HD800, and it’s just an amazing combo. The first track I put on was Pink Floyd – Echoes. When the crescendo started building in the 15-20 minute section, I had the biggest grin on my face.”

“I stopped looking for headphone amps after building the Mainline. I run it … into HD-800’s and it sounds great.”

“My first thought was that it was too polite, but turns out it’s the kinda politeness that hides great richness… like a person of such refinement that by shaking your hand makes you feel glad to be alive.”

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Your pre-order will be charged the day the kit is ordered. We do this to allow cash in advance payment to our vendors to keep the price you pay as low as possible. DIY audio is a very focused esoteric market. We are a small staff with a large passion, attempting to offer the broadest range of kits possible to those interested in this exclusive pursuit of ultra high quality audio reproduction, Thus each kit is manufactured and packed to order, and the production and packaging schedule is influenced by demand. Please understand that our shipment can take up to 3 to 6 weeks when demand is high. You may check how shipping is progressing for a kit by looking here.

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