DC filament supply for Kaiju 300B amplifier


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Kaiju DC filament supply

The Kaiju DC filament supply upgrade is a regulated DC supply conversion for the AC heated 300B filaments of the stock Kaiju 300B amplifier. There is a separate DC supply for each 300B, composed of low voltage drop Schottky rectifiers, a CLC filter using a common mode choke, and a low noise regulator optimized for fast transient response. This supply will reduce the already exceptionally low noise floor of the AC heated Kaiju amplifier to levels acceptable for use with the most sensitive horn speakers. Its installation is recommended in particular for use with speakers above 96dB@1W@1M sensitivity. It may also be useful in systems employing speakers with a lower sensitivity, enhancing the sense of “black background between the notes” in quiet passages of music.

“I installed the DC Filament option tonight, as soon as I started it, it sounded great, no discernible hum even within a foot of the speakers (Lowther DX-4’s in Lowther Acousta cabinets).

“Just reporting back… I received the DC filament upgrade kit today after it spent a brief spell trapped in customs. It was a very easy hour’s work, the amp works fine, and is now absolutely silent.”

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