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In an effort to give our customers as much information as possible about the particular product they are interested in we have devised this shipping status chart. We attempt to update this status report for our products often, and we usually pack a production run of a given kit once each month. Thus the average time from order to shipment is around 4 weeks plus or minus a couple weeks. We understand the desire by our customers who may be stuck at home to receive a kit ASAP during the coronavirus pandemic. We very much appreciate your support and we are working extra hard to get kits shipped as quickly as possible. Very occasionally you can get lucky and the wait will be shorter if we are packing a certain kit and we end up with extra inventory. We announce that surplus on the Bottlehead Forum the rare times it happens. But most often for the past 24 years we have been playing catch-up with orders. So it is usually the most expeditious to get your order in the queue soon rather than waiting to see if we will have a kit in stock. We tend to ship smaller items like replacement parts in batches, once or twice a week.



Product Shipping Status as of 11/19 
BeePreOut of stock
BeeQuiet Attenuator upgrade kitOrders through 11/18 shipped
Crack OTL Headphone amp Orders through 11/12 shipped
Crackatwoa OTL Headphone amp Orders through 11/18 shipped
Eros 2 phono preampOrders through 11/18 shipped
Eros tape head preampOut of stock
Integration upgrade Orders through 11/18 shipped
Kaiju 300B Amplifier Orders through 10/21 shipped
Kaiju DC filament upgradeOrders through 10/21 shipped
Mainline Headphone amp Orders through 11/13 shipped
MonAmour 2A3 monoblocks Orders through 11/18 shipped
MourQuiet Attenuator upgrade kitOrders through 11/18 shipped
Otari Tape Path upgradeOrders through 11/7 shipped
PJCCS upgrade for QuickieOrders through 11/18 shipped
Power Cord Kit Orders through 11/13 shipped
Reduction phono preamp Orders through 11/15 shipped
S.E.X. 2.1 C4S upgradeOrders through 11/18 shipped
S.E.X. 3.0 C4S upgradeOrders through 11/18 shipped
S.E.X. Iron UpgradeOrders through 11/18 shipped
Single Ended eXperimenter's Kit 3.0Orders through 11/18 shipped
SmashQuiet Attenuator upgrade kitOrders through 11/18 shipped
SmashUp UpgradeOrders through 11/18 shipped
Speedball upgrade for CrackOrders through 11/12 shipped
Stereomour DC filament upgradeOrders through 11/18 shipped
Stereomour II 2A3 ampOrders through 11/18 shipped
Stereomour Shunt Regulator upgradeOrders through 11/18 shipped
Technics Tape Path upgradeOrders through 11/11 shipped
TwoQuiet Attenuator upgrade kitOrders through 11/18 shipped
Jäger Loudspeaker KitOrders through 11/11 shipped
Moreplay PreampOrders through 11/13 shipped

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