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Got a Bottlehead kit that you can’t get to work right? We now have a flat rate repair service for assembled kits. Any current production Bottlehead kit that is fully assembled in the stock configuration but not working is eligible for this service. Simply place an order for repair service and we will ship a packing box and padding materials for your gear. When you order the box be sure to tell us in the comment box at checkout which kit you are sending so we can send the right box and packing materials. Pack it up only in the materials we supply using the detailed instructions and ship it to us. We reserve the right to refuse to work on an amplifier packed in your own box! We’ll do the repairs necessary to get it running to spec. When it’s ready we will contact you with the amount due for return shipping. Note: you must also include your tubes with the unit sent in for repair.

This repair service is for fully assembled, stock current production kits that have been packed in the materials we supply. Due to kits getting damaged when shipped in insufficient packaging we may refuse a kit that is shipped to us in another box besides one we have provided. We may also refuse a repair that has simply been shipped without ordering the repair service in advance and receiving the proper packaging materials. We do not do kit assembly, nor do we do cosmetic repair. Bent or otherwise damaged chassis are almost always due to packing errors (not using our box) and cannot be repaired in our lab. The $125 price includes any parts needed to make your kit perform to stock specifications except transformers, inductors, our custom attenuator switches, or worn out tubes. This price also includes the packaging materials. You are welcome to call us at 206-451-4275 for info on what our repair backlog might be. Unfortunately it is no longer economically feasible for us to repair legacy kits that are out of production. For legacy kit repair may we suggest Paul Birkeland, who can be contacted through the Bottlehead Forum, username Paul Birkeland.

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