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Author Topic: Bottlehead Affiliate Referrals Program  (Read 2301 times)

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Bottlehead Affiliate Referrals Program
« on: October 29, 2015, 11:09:05 am »
We are happy to introduce a new program to our online customers. If you have registered on our online store (not the same as registering for the Bottlehead Forum), ordered a product and received it you are eligible to join the Bottlehead affiliate referral program. Once you sign up for the program (more on how to below) you can request coupon codes which you can send to your friends. These coupons are for new customers to Bottlehead and will give the person whose email you have chosen a 10% discount on their first Bottlehead order. Once that person has received their order you will have a credit for the same dollar amount as your friend's discount applied to your affiliate account. The credits you accrue from your friends' purchases may be applied to your own future Bottlehead product orders.

Here's some clarification of the process -

You must be registered on the Bottlehead online store (not the forum) and you must have made a purchase from the online store and received it to qualify as an affiliate. This is due to the software we use. We are not trying to punish those who order by phone or email, this is strictly a technical requirement of the program software because it relies upon the info stored in our online customer database. Since the online store has only been functioning since August 2014 you will have to have made a purchase online since then to be recognized by the software.

You must be logged in to to register (logged into the website, not the Bottlehead Forum). Here's the login link:
At the bottom of the account page is a link to the affiliate area. Click that link and from that page you can sign up for the affiliate program.

Registration requires approval by an admin. We will try to be as responsive to requests as possible, but there may be a delay of up to 24 hours due to our office hours and time zone differences. Once your registration is approved you can go back to your affiliate account page by logging in to your Bottlehead online account and begin requesting referral coupon codes and check your account status.

Once you are approved you will find a link at the top of the affiliate area to a form for requesting referral coupon codes and providing the necessary info. Coupon codes also require admin approval. Please note the referral coupon codes are only for new Bottlehead customers. The affiliate program software will reject any coupon codes requested for customers who have already purchased products. So please be sure that the names and email addresses you submit belong to someone new to the Bottlehead experience. Also please make sure that the email address you provide is the address your friend will use to register their account. These coupons do not combine with any other coupons.

The referral coupon codes you request will be emailed to you, so that you can then forward the codes to your friends.

You will also get an email whenever you receive a credit. You can check your credit balance in the affiliate area and it will also show on the checkout page when you order.

Credits only appear in your affiliate account balance after the new customer's product has been delivered. This can take up to six weeks. Cancelled orders will not count for credit.
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