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May 21, 2019, 12:02:36 pm

Author Topic: Stock power cable with a plug adapter for international use? [resolved]  (Read 115 times)

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Greetings to all, before proceeding I would just like to say I'm new to D.I.Y electronics so forgive me if I have made any stupid statements.As the title states I need to know if a plug adapter will work when used with the stock power cable because I live in Singapore and our plug outlet has a standard voltage of 230v and 50 Hz frequency ( I have no idea what frequency means and I took this from another website  :D) . Will a plug adapter + voltage converter work on the given US power cable?
I know on the product page it says that international customers need to use their own power plug but I don't know where to get one so that is why I was thinking if I could use a plug adapter with the US stock power cable.
Thank you to anyone that replied and taking your own time to do so, much appreciated. :)

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I believe that most, if not all of the current BH kits now come with a transformer that can be wired for different input voltages. You would just choose the the wiring option for your case and would be good to go.
You would only need a step-down transformer if you were to buy  from a third party an older kit or built amp with the 120V transformer.
Check the specs on the individual product pages to be sure though. You did not mention the amp that you are interested in getting.

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I know on the product page it says that international customers need to use their own power plug but I don't know where to get one
The power cord that you need to source will the be the one that fits into just about any desktop computer, lots of monitors, most printers, some televisions with removable cords, etc.

I did a Google search for "Singapore Electronics Supply", then typed in "power cord".

Does this power cord have the correct end to plug into your wall?
Paul "PB" Birkeland

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@FS Thank you for replying, my bad I plan on getting the crack amp which is why I had posted this under the crack forum .But I wasn't asking about the transformer or any of the internals but rather the externals of how to connect it to a international plug socket if I were to use the stock US power  cable they had given. But however my problem has been fixed as @Paul Birkeland had given me an alternative solution and shown me how I can get my own power cord for use in my country.

@Paul Birkeland Thank you for the suggestion. That power cord will fit my wall perfectly. I can't believe I'm such a dumb dumb  :-[  . For some reason I thought that power cords had to be made for each products use, I did not know that it's actually a international use and would work for any products e.g monitor, printers and so on.

Thank you for the replies everyone!

Now how do I mark my problem as solved in this forum??