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July 20, 2017, 04:38:11 pm

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I haven't ever heard a coupling capacitor bypass that I thought did anything positive. 

The Mainline isn't one of those kits where there are really any parts to upgrade other than the coupling caps.
So my Mundorf Supremes in the coupling position have settled in delightfully.  Now I'm wonder what to mess with next. Am thinking of replacing the Daytons on the c4s board or possibly doing a bypass on the coupling caps.  Anybody done this? Thoughts on effectiveness or values for doing a bypass?
Crack / Re: Help with packaging a Crack for shipment
« Last post by spivey on Today at 07:23:11 am »
Good advise so far. Thanks for sharing your experiences. This gives me a good start... glad to hear the top plate can be secured to the base for shipment. I'm going to give this a shot later this week out. Need to order some bubble wrap and a box too. Thanks again.
BeePre / Re: Insufficient Power Conditioning?
« Last post by elko on Today at 03:10:05 am »
Finally found a solution for my hum problem. A variac which cranks up the voltage a bit is doing the magic. Very glad this solves the insufficient power condition in my case. Since the variac is providing the power there is a small hiss only the left Channel. At reasanoble listing volumes this is neglectable.
General Discussion / Re: Usb noise filter
« Last post by denti alligator on Yesterday at 03:17:03 pm »
Which one do you use?  Looks like they have a couple models.

The iDefender 3.0
Crack / Re: Help with packaging a Crack for shipment
« Last post by fullheadofnothing on Yesterday at 01:13:36 pm »
Tape the chassis panel to the base with painter's tape. Do ALL of the seams, plus a couple pieces going across the width and length. Failure to properly secure the panel to the base results in 99% of the shipping damage we see on packed kits.
Crack / Re: Help with packaging a Crack for shipment
« Last post by mcandmar on Yesterday at 12:57:16 pm »
Bubblewrap, lots of bubble wrap.

-Place a sheet on top of the wood base and push it into the corners, then set the chassis plate on top.

-With another two sheets wrap them around the amplifier in each direction.

-Next step is the most important, get some packaging tape and wrap it tightly around the amplifier.  I usually do three strips, one across the power transformer, one across the volume pot and headphone socket, then another length wise.  Each strip is a complete loop around the amplifier.  When done the chassis plate will be held very tightly into the wood base protecting the elecy bits, and the wood base from damage.

-For the tubes i usually find a small box to fit them into with layers of bubblewrap around them.

-Final step is to find a box big enough for the bubblewrap ball and tube box you have just created, then add more bubblewrap around them to fill the box so they cant move around freely inside it.  I like to have at least 3 inches of padding between the bubblewrap ball and the box.

The more packaging you use between the amplifier and box the better as it will get thrown about by couriers.  Expect it to get dropped from chest height.  I have shipped over half a dozen this way and despite the few torn and crushed box's, and one arriving soaking wet!, they all arrived intact.
Crack / Help with packaging a Crack for shipment
« Last post by spivey on Yesterday at 10:24:53 am »
Hi Everyone!

I've built a Crack w/ Speedball for a friend and need to ship the completed unit to him. Is there a recommended way to package the unit to keep it safe from harm? I searched the forum and found a link that doesn't resolve to the Bottlehead webpage correctly.  Any help from the friendly forum members here would be be very helpful and appreciated!

Kind regards,
Will do.

General Discussion / Re: Usb noise filter
« Last post by Karl5150 on Yesterday at 07:21:35 am »
I'm using the Jitterbug at work with a Modi uber. There is a fair amount of background sound from the shop and I don't notice any computer based noises through my SEX2.1 > speakers. I think there is a little HF "edginess" reduction with it in place....or maybe I'm hoping that for $50 I'm gaining that extra margin of sonic bliss.
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