Crackatwoa Headphone Amplifier


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This product has a universal power transformer and can be used worldwide by following the wiring instructions in the manual. Please note that international customers will need to provide their own power cord.

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Crackatwoa headphone amplifier kit

Crackatwoa is a premium version of the direct coupled Crack circuit with the C4S active loads of the Speedball incorporated, and also shunt voltage regulation in the form of two 6AQ5 tubes along with a bigger power transformer. There are three pairs of RCA input jacks and a volume and balance control. The standard potentiometer controlled volume/balance setup will be upgrade-able to a coarse and fine stepped attenuator very similar to the BeeQuiet attenuator used in the BeePre preamp and a similar style used in our most premium Mainline headphone amp. Like Crack this amp is intended to be used with high impedance headphones (200 ohms or higher) like Sennheiser HD600/650/800, Beyerdynamic 250 and 600 ohms headphones, etc.

One big consideration was that this kit was to fit between the Crack and the Mainline in terms of price. We wanted to keep the price below $700. With that in mind we decided that the biggest benefits would be from a more sophisticated power supply and the ability to upgrade to our very special stepped attenuator as used in BeePre (and in a slightly different form in Mainline). We also know that our customers like to have multiple switched inputs, so we include three.

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 14 x 8 in
Upgrade Options

Crackatwoa, Crackatwoa with TwoQuiet Stepped Attenuator

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