PJCCS Upgrade for Quickie


A kit as accessible and simple as the Quickie battery powered tube preamplifier is just begging for modifications. Here’s Bottlehead’s first upgrade kit for the Quickie, the Paul Joppa Compensating Current Source. This is a current source similar to the ones we provide in our more expensive kits, but with an added twist. The Quickie battery supply voltage will of course slowly run down during the 100-200 hours of battery life that is typical. A typical current source would stop working as the voltage from the supply got too low. But this current source will adjust the current as the supply voltage runs down.

What’s the sonic benefit? The PJCCS lowers distortion at any given output level, and that leads to better image scale and definition. Bass can be improved as well. As with any of our upgrades the difference is distinct enough to hear right away.

This Skill Level 1 kit is assembled on one of our SRC4S PC boards and goes together in an hour or two. Simple step by step instructions are included. A worthwhile upgrade? Shoot, for $35 it’s more like a no brainer.

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Dimensions 9 x 6 x 2 in


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